S4 - 10'' Cultured Marble Christus Statue - with L3 Leather and Stainless Steel CTR Bracelet - Magnetic Clasp - Flat Surface - One Moment In Time - Combination

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This beautiful solid cultured marble Christus statue replica of the original by Bertel Thorvaldsen truly brings the spirit of Christ into any home, and is available in 6" 10" and 20" The original Christus statue was made by Sculptor Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) of plaster in 1823 and was used to create the 11-foot marble version in 1839 that stands in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thorvaldsen’s statue of the resurrected Christ helps present LDS belief in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world.

  • 10'' Christus Statue & CTR Bracelet Combination
  • The Christus Statue is made of Cultured Marble
  • The CTR Bracelet is made of Leather and Stainless Steel and has an Magnetic Clasp Flat Surface
  • These two items make a wonderful gift