SLC Temple Doorknob Paperweight - Electroplated Bronze Tone w/ Marble White Base - C5 - One Moment In Time

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The Salt Lake City Temple doorknob has three symbols on it. The first symbol is the seashell which is located on the bottom of the knob has the same symbolism as the seashell on the doorplate. The Beehive is the second symbol it represents work and industry. It signifies the need to carry on the work of The Lord, and build up His Kingdom on Earth. It is also a symbol of honey, which represents the Promised Land spoken of in the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Christ. The inscription on the doorknob reads "Holiness to The Lord", comes from the engraving on the mitre of the High Priest who presided over the temple in the Old Testament. The inscription signifies that this temple is the House of God and that the ordinances performed inside are done under authority of the Holy Priesthood of God. The SLC Temple Doorknob Paperweight makes a wonderful gift.

  • SLC Temple Doorknob Paperweight
  • Electroplated Bronze Tone
  • White Marble Base are individual unique to each item
  • Makes a wonderful gift for anyone